ChildHood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood cancer needs the attention that’s it’s not getting. Being a childhood cancer survior myself I know the kinds of things these amazing kids go through and you need to be aware of the life these kids live. They stay happy, laughing and smiling even with a bald head boy or girl doesn’t matter they still are happy as can be. They sit through chemo treatments without a thought of the possibility that they could not make it to see the next day they go through surgery without the question of what is happening all it is to them is a really good nap and after they nap they have a snack. See these kids that go through cancer are different than any other child because they are taught how to really live and be happy. People need to be aware and recognize how happy and strong these kids are even when faced against death himself. The side effects of Chemo, steroids change how they look but they stay the same at heart because they know, no matter what there is really no reason to waste time to think about how they look because they unknowingly spread certain kind happiness and joy that is the best kind of happiness and joy. Their happiness feeds the souls of doctors, nurses and visitors.

The next time you think your life is hard and your sad and upset think about children who are going through cancer and go through this with a smile only they can be blessed with. They should be given a Medal of Honor because children with cancer teens with cancer are warriors with scars with weapons in the form of prayers. Like myself some suffer from PTSD, survivors guilt and EVERYONE needs to be aware of this becuase once you meet a child with cancer and you talk to them and you see the purest soul you have ever seen it will change your life. It becomes clear that everything that they are going through is unfathomable the thought of doing what they do with the smile they have and the heart they have. We fight cancer not with chemo but faith in God and positivity with a situation that seems to have no hope. You look at a precious child with cancer and all of a sudden their happiness In the situation gives you overwhelming hope. I believe at times kids who go through this are prophets sent from God to show us how to live and be happy even in a bad situation. We can all learn from childhood cancer and the kids who go through it be aware and take the time to at least say something to contribute to September Childhood Cancer Aweness Month.


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