The Queens Of Cancer (Art By @kennedylombrana Instagram)

Don’t worry sweetheart your hair will grow back. I know it’s hard for you and I know someone as beautiful as you doesn’t deserve this, to lose your beautiful hair. I envy you girls because you are stronger than boys because you lose way more than them. You still keep pushing forward, you still won’t ever give up. You girls are amazingly beautiful no matter how you look. You will always be beautiful to me with or with out hair. You girls don’t deserve scars, you girls don’t deserve IVs but you know what? You will be so much stronger as you go through your treatments and have needle pricks and feel terrible while your having your chemo. I see a strong willing young lady who is a warrior who outshines everyone else. Don’t let anyone tell you your not beautiful because you are a real life angel. I know you have insecurities but I promise it’s going to be okay. You are amazing in my eyes and you will always be beautiful to me.

While going through what you are going through only makes you a stronger woman a more independent more than a normal girl would be because you have expiernce somthing not a lot of girls expiernce and that is loss. With loss there is also gain and you will gain something that is your own the throne over cancer and you know deep in your heart that you have done something any other girl will never have and its okay to brag and to boast because you deserve it because you have been through or are going through something no girl should have to go through and you did or you are doing it as I write this. I bow down to you not only in Breast Cancer Awareness Month but everyday for the rest of my. You are the Queens Of Cancer and you will forever have my gratitude.


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