Both Sides

Growing up with cancer and medical issues since I was 5 wasn’t the easiest for me. Having all these surgeries and all the scars added one by one turned out to be traumatic for me. Everyone would tell me I was a warrior through all of the cancer and so on. It started to make a little sense to me why I would still keep my spirits up and continue positively because I was a warrior looking back now I know for sure I was a warrior, I was a knight, I was the victor over everything bad tha had inhabited my body. The reasons I fought so hard to be here today was my life, my family, and my future true meanings. I fought for my life until there was 100% chance of living and I did not let that stop me. I had true meaning to defy the impossible. 13 years of this state of mind became a lifestyle for me my very own way of life that I used to stay alive my last resort. Knowing if it didn’t work it was over for me putting my last grains of hope and faith into God and this way of mental thinking. Physical ways of action were no option in a hospital bed. Surely enough it worked for me everything I fought for was achieved and kept what more could a cancer patient want out of life.Then I was thrown into the “real world”.

I was happy because I was finally normal. Things were different and as I started to live a normal life I started to feel like all the real world was unnecessary drama and stress because I saw what people were doing and It was all just meaningless but of course they do not know any better. Being in my state of mind and my way thinking outcasted me because people do not understand how well my own way of thinking has done for me. I have been on both sides of the system in my point of view, I have been isolated from the public and I have been in the public. I think people need to develop their own way of thinking because if not who will be the next to change the world and how the world thinks? The most isolated people are the ones who figure it all out without distractions and have clarity for what their purposes is. Being on both sides is rare and it’s not easy but if it was we would all be clear in our paths. Life has a way of making it seem impossible to find our own way of life and that’s why very few people are unaware of the multiple sides of life, the both sides of life.


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