The one thing i want to do in life is help people when they feel lost in life. When people feel scared of something they are not sure of or what is to come, I truly love people very deeply. I believe that each and every person is amazing but….There is a problem when I try to help people. They always take it the wrong way, I have the best intentions towards people but when I try the always get the idea that i’m trying to put them down and make fun or not take them seriously, it breaks my heart because I really do try to help as much as I can. People just don’t see it and I believe my purpose in life is too help people through whatever it is they need help with when they need it most. I try to be the person I didn’t have while going through my hard times in my life.

I cannot stop trying though because people are the only thing I hold valuable and even if they don’t see me trying to help, I won’t ever give up on people. It’s the only thing that gives me positive purpose in life and it is what I must achieve to truly be satisfied with my life.  The only thing I know deep in my heart I want and need to do even if they don’t see my efforts I have no choice but to try harder until they do. That’s the day my life’s purpose will be fulfilled and I can leave this earth knowing I did what I set out to do and that is to help you.


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