The Reality Of Childhood Cancer

Writing for a little while I never actually had a topic. I always wrote what was on my mind to get my feelings on paper in any moment I needed. Recently I’ve had a friend pass from cancer he was 16, I had DJ’ed his research benefit for his parents. His father gave a speech on how only four percent of hundred percent is the amount of chemo researched for kids the rest is adults. Child cancer patients are pumped with chemo specificity developed for adults and most kids don’t make it because their bodies are not the same as a adults would be. The four percent is the chance of childhood cancer patients have of living.

We all have the opportunity to fix this four percent but people are not aware of how many kids are diagnosed with cancer, they are unaware of the lives cancer takes from these kids. So my mission is clear to me now, as a thirteen year cancer survivor and having known the pain cancer brings to the table I dedicate myself to these kids and their stories. With the reality of childhood cancer confronted by toddlers, kids and teens they need to be recognized for the things they lose and the things they go through on a daily basis. Soon everyone will be fully aware of this reality for childhood cancer patients.


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