Why I’m So Dedicated To Childhood Cancer.

Having cancer as a child myself, the perspective of a child patient is way different then the perspective of the parent watching their child having to go through  this is unfathomable. I don’t remember anything but laying in a bed with needles in my arm before I was made aware of what really happened to me. The nativity of these kids with cancer is something really unbelievable, they are so unaware that even in death they stay smiling and laughing when everyone around them knows the implications of having cancer. Most people never see something so amazing and I would even go as far as to say something so magical. You won’t ever witness a miracle until you see these kids, something so bad turned into something so innocent.

My goal with The Cure is to make everyone aware of not only childhood cancer but the kids who are so amazingly happy going through what they are going through. They can teach you how life should be lived and show you the things you stress about are irrelevant to living life. Everything in this article I have seen with my own two eyes and this is real. I cannot think of a bigger impact on my life than the kids going through cancer they represent life’s true purpose, they simply have no worries.


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