Life is a test of endurance not strength if you never give up no matter how many times life knocks you down and you choose to get back up, you will never be defeated by life. Life is asking you a question and the question it’s asking is, “Are you going to conquer me or are you going to let me hold you back?”and The only person who can answer that is you and you alone no one else can ever make that decision for you. You will always feel uncertain until you take the necessary risk that are worth taking despite the uncertainty. In order too beat the negativity that comes with life is to create a positive mental state and to ignore outside opinions and too take real control of your own life, make life your friend not your enemy. 

People are lead to believe that life is bad towards them but as soon as people realize that life is what it is, and that life is not easy, then and only then will you take real control of your life. The “bad” things that occur in life is as normal as things can get, it will push you around, until you realize what’s really important in your life once you do that then you will be able to see life as a best friend and ally which grants you the time to achieve your goals. Once and for all life will be yours.


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